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bulb In order to evolve into successful companies startups or emerging business have to deal with three main kinds of risk: technology, market and execution risk.  Many venture firms specialize in the last one of these risks, helping entrepreneurs to develop their businesses with the appropriate support mechanisms such as legal advice, marketing, accounting, etc.  Market risk can be minimized by a well-prepared and detailed business plan, which is why investors place such high importance on a sound business plan.  However, very few companies invest in ideas that still have a considerable technology risk attached.

AVNTK specializes in technology risk, i.e. ideas that still have a significant component of uncertainty relating to the underlying technology, either partnering companies to develop their idea or contributing with technology that helps to resolve outstanding issues.  While we can certainly help with management issues and the preparation of sound business plans, our strength lies in being able to contribute towards getting a technology ready for market.  We specialize in IT, electronics, aerospace and defense-related technologies particularly but will look at any technology-based idea.
In selected transactions, we are prepared to contribute with financial, human and technology resources, in exchange for an equity participation in a business.  In general, we look at the strategic relevance of a technology and value added by our participating in its development, more than the short to medium term viability of executing an IPO, asset sale or the like. For more information on how to work with AVNTK S.C., email us at ttg-office@avntk.com.

The Goodwill Company Ltd.

This British company is working on the development of a semantic web search engine.  We are partnering with them and have contributed a number of leading–edge technologies to support this objective, including transferring our English to Basic English translating tool, which Goodwill is currently marketing as well as using for a more ambitious artificial intelligence application.  We strongly believe that artificial intelligence applications will in due course be a major driving component for innovation.

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