AVNTK S.C. recognizes transfer of technology to be a priority and part of our mission. Accordingly, AVNTK aims to provide for the widest practicable dissemination of information concerning results of our activities. We have a formal technology transfer program, and take an active role in transferring technology to the private sector and state and local governments for the purposes of commercial and other application of the technology for the national benefit.  In accordance with AVNTK's obligations under its articles of association, the technology transfer group (TTG), on behalf of AVNTK, facilitates the transfer and commercialization of AVNTK-sponsored research and technology, including the industrial use of unique AVNTK research and development capabilities and facilities.  The office provides strong assistance to entrepreneurs, companies and investors to bring useful AVNTK-developed technologies to the marketplace.  Many such technology transfer successes have been documented over the years, which include commercial applications in biotechnology, advanced instrumentation, computer technology, manufacturing, and energy conversion and use.  Licensing terms are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, although technology fields of use are defined as narrowly as practical in every case; exclusive licenses are uncommon, but still possible in exceptional cases. TTG also facilitates the reporting of new technologies by AVNTK, associated institutions and contractor inventors, as well as assesses the commercial potential and strategic value of those technologies to AVNTK’s missions. Therefore, TTG facilitates the protection of AVNTK’s rights in intellectual property to which it has title, thus providing the basis for licensing and technology transfer.

TTG also seeks to create partnerships and co-operative activities with business to develop technology that helps meet AVNTK needs and contributes to commercial competitiveness in global markets.  The TTG Office offers programs in the areas of technology development, technology transfer through licensing and commercialization, and technology collaboration through partnerships for infusion.  For more information on how to work with the AVNTK TTG Office, email us at ttg-office@avntk.com

How to Access AVNTK Technology
Some AVNTK technologies available for license are posted at the end of this page.  In addition, TTG produces the following publication that provide insight into available AVNTK technologies, commercial applications of AVNTK technologies, as well as technology needs:

  • Technology Innovation Report – An annual publication that includes news, technologies available for licensing, technologies available at no cost, and AVNTK’s technology needs for which AVNTK is seeking dual-use technology development partners.

In addition, the public may contact the TTG points of contact and visit associated websites for information on AVNTK technologies available for license.  The spectrum of technologies key to AVNTK’s missions is so broad that many industrial sectors could benefit from AVNTK’s inventions in one or more technology areas. The TTG program, through its various program elements, therefore provides the opportunity for a broad spectrum of industry, large and small companies alike, as well as invites the genius of individuals, to create innovative technology and technology applications for the benefit of AVNTK’s missions and our Nation.

3D Reconstruction from full-motion-video (AVAILABLE)
This innovation refers to the processing sequential images at a rate of 1 frame or more per second in order to obtain a 3D CAD-compatible rendering capable of being compared to previous version of the same terrain/objective, CAD information or simply to be input into a synthetic environment such as a video game!

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Simplish Basic English translating tool (www.simplish.org)
This is a translating tool capable of converting normal English of 100,000 words into a reduced-vocabulary version using only 1,000 basic words, including 30,000 scientific words which are explained in footnotes using the same 1,000 basic words.

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